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What are the main benefits of attending ET Canada Exchange?

• Full participation package: Complimentary airfare, hotel, meals and registration costs ensure a cost-effective experience while away from the office. Your time is valuable and the hosted attendee package is how we show our appreciation for your invested time.

• Refine your Strategy: Accelerate your knowledge of trends, current solutions, services and strategies to stay ahead of your competitors.

• Time well Spent: Accomplish months' worth of face-to-face meetings with solution providers and industry experts in just 2 days.

• Fresh Perspective: Listen in on Keynotes and candid panel discussions from industry leaders, peer executives and visionaries in the digital transformation space to keep you forward-thinking!

What makes ET Canada Exchange different from other Digital Transformation conferences?

We assemble all key players, including end user organizations, solution providers and industry analysts so that attendees may formalize relationships across all elements of the supply chain in new and exciting ways to further advance digital transformation in critical market segments. Rather than just another trade show or exhibition, we are focused on building lasting relationships so all members in these complex ecosystems can better understand and advance their needs.

How is the agenda structured?

Our agenda is more business-intensive than any other event focusing on digital transformation. Every day is packed with private and group meetings, presentations, content sessions and networking. There is no wasted time and attendees walk away with solutions and strategies they can act on immediately. This high-end program builds in scheduled time for face-to-face interaction between attending executives, supplier representatives and industry experts. No other event delivers this level of quality meeting time among current and future business partners, while also providing the highest level of educational sessions and access to a variety of onsite resources.

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Great event overall. Completely different from the traditional conference. The tailored attendance list of more strategic and both business and tech thinkers allowed for great discussions in planned sessions and during networking events. The small group of attendees allowed for us to get to know some of the others more intimately and provide some insights from our own past learning. The content really focused not on the solutions, but really discovering the underlying issues and showing how to implement strategies that will engage the user when it is needed most. Overall I think from the content, through to the breakout sessions and into the 1:1 meetings the messages got more tailored and personalized to your needs, allowing you to bring back actionable insights and resources. While most conferences you get what you put into it, ET Canada Exchange really delivered as every question asked was answered; not in part, but fleshed out with experts and other industry professionals.

- Mobile Innovations Analyst, Air Canada

I already spread the work about what a great event ET Canada Exchange was to my peers! I loved the format of the event. There was not a lot of sales content which is unusual. I enjoyed the Business use cases sessions in a small room where we were able to ask questions and more importantly, get answers. The event provided us with a good overview of all the various solutions available on the market through sponsors and peer executive attendees.

- Senior Architect, Desjardins



September 28-30, 2020

Delta Grand Okanagan Resort

Kelowna, BC

Sept. 28-30, 2020 | Delta Grand Okanagan Resort | Kelowna, BC