Like a Hurricane: Digital Transformation Imperatives in Canadian Enterprise

Speaker: Tony Olvet, GVP Research, IDC Canada

Description: Canadian organizations are challenged to transform business through the thoughtful application of technology. The discussion of digital transformation is on the agenda of almost every organization today, while the pace of change is quickening. Cloud, analytics, IoT and security technologies are creating a new foundation for change and competitive advantage in 2019 and beyond. Using examples and drawing on brand new research from IDC Canada’s top executive survey, this session will explore the new business priorities driving the Digital Strategy defining Enterprise IT in Canada.

“Future of Work: Building the Intelligent & Agile Enterprise”

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November 4-6, 2019

Fairmont Le Château Frontenac

Québec City, Quebec

Fireside Chat: Intel

Speaker: Denis Gaudreault, Country Manager, Intel | Lars Goransson, Managing Director, IDC Canada

General CIO Session Panel: Innovating in the DX Economy: Empowering a New Operating Model

Speaker: Lars Goransson, Country Manager, IDC Canada

Participants: Philippe Johnston, CIO and Departmental Security Officer, Social Sciences & Humanities Research Council – Natural Sciences & Engineering Research Council | Michael Eubanks, CIO, LCBO | Kin Lee-Yow, CIO, CAA South Central Ontario | Bill Keyworth, Vice President of Research, IT Operational Excellence, IDC

General Session Keynote: Breaking Through The Digital Deadlock

Speaker: Bill Keyworth, Vice President of Research, IT Operational Excellence, IDC

Description: The strategic priorities of digital transformation are evolving quickly. Big bets are being placed; unusual techniques are being applied and new bars are being established. Yet enterprises worldwide are facing a “Digital Deadlock.” As the digital strategy directly drives the IT strategy, it is critical for CIOs to recalibrate their IT organization and capabilities for the digital strategy. During this session, Mr. Keyworth will quantitatively validate the new IT metrics, platforms and roadmaps needed for digital transformation.

General Session Keynote: Rapid Digital Transformation with Real-Time, Event-Driven Applications

Speaker: Blaine Mathieu, Chief Product & Marketing Officer, VANTIQ

Description: Legacy development approaches and tools simply aren’t architected to handle the enormous flow of real-time, event-driven, data streams generated by enterprise systems, IoT devices, and people. In this session, learn how the revolution in event-driven application platforms enable innovative companies to develop, deploy and run real-time enterprise applications with dramatically reduced time-to-market, significantly lowered development and maintenance costs, and maximized agility in the face of requirements for continuous innovation and digital transformation.

General Session Keynote: Security Services: Managing a New Reality

Speaker: Kevin Lonergan, Research Manager, IDC

Description: In the span of a few years news of cybersecurity breaches have become a part of daily life for Canadians, but why do we continue to see large, well known and respected organizations experience breaches? For the majority of cases the answer is simpler than one would think. Kevin Lonergan, Senior Analyst Infrastructure solutions, speaks to the challenges facing organizations in securing a growing attack surface from a diverse threat landscape. He introduces the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (quantified with IDC data) as a mechanism to help organizations improve their security posture. He offers guidance on the unique Canadian security services landscape in this context.

Fireside Chat: LCBO: Creating a thriving IT organization to meet digital objective needs

Speakers: Bill Keyworth, Vice President of Research, IT Operational Excellence, IDC | Michael Eubanks, CIO, LCBO

General Session Keynote: Blockchain in the Enterprise: What IT Means

Speaker: Stewart Bond, Research Director, IDC

Description: Blockchain technology is rapidly evolving and maturing; obstacles are being overcome and real use cases are emerging out of proof-of-technology pilots; with commercial Blockchain-as-a-Service platforms adding enterprise level qualities of service and delivering operational Blockchain environments for solution development and deployment. What does this mean for the enterprise? Join Stewart Bond, worldwide director of data integration and exchange software research for an overview of recent advances in Blockchain technology, a worldwide outlook for spending through 2021, and a dive into integrating Blockchain into the enterprise: what means IT and business will require to adapt.

General Session Panel: Cloud and Cyber Security

Moderator: Lars Goransson, Country Manager, IDC Canada

Speakers: Deepak Gandhi, VP Enterprise Solutions, MPOYNT Inc. | Lars Goransson, Managing Director, IDC Canada | Grant Asplund, Principal Evangelist, Check Point Software Technologies | John Harrington, Product Marketing, IBM MaaS360 with Watson, IBM Security

Description: This panel will focus topics related to Cloud and Cyber Security.  Topics we will cover include Government legislation regarding the storage, use, and sharing of personal identifiable information -- what are key considerations for organizations going forward. What steps are needed to move towards compliance?  Digital transformation has been increasing responsibilities of CISOs - how do we see the role of the CISO evolve in the future?  With increased Cloud adoption in Canada comes new security challenges -- as a shared responsibility between provider and consumer, how are organizations rising to the challenge? Is cloud a viable option for regulated industries? What impact may AI capabilities have on securing our organizations and data.

General Session Keynote: A Market Maturing: The Reality of DX & IoT Use Cases in Canada

Speaker: Nigel Wallis, Research Vice President for Verticals and IoT, IDC Canada

Description: IDC’s Nigel Wallis will discuss what use cases are most important across key industry sectors in Canada. We are very excited about the opportunity to engage with these senior decision makers to discuss how they built their business cases, overcome implementation challenges and are able to measure results and sustain their DX & IoT strategies.

IDC | Analyst Wrap-Up: ET Canada Exchange Summit

Moderator: Lars Goransson, Country Manager, IDC Canada

Speakers: Bill Keyworth, Vice President of Research, IT Operational Excellence, IDC | Stewart Bond, Research Director, IDC | Nigel Wallis, Research Vice President for Verticals and IoT, IDC Canada

Nov. 4-6, 2019 | Le Château Frontenac | Québec City, Quebec